Looking Low


I took this picture in my home town arena in Lundar, MB. I learned to skate in this arena and I continue to come here often to watch our local hockey teams, and sometimes take pictures.

I often get down low and take an angle from lower ground because I think it changes a potential boring photo into something more interesting to look at. I use a lower angle quite often that I can say it’s basically became my photographing style.

I framed it so the net was cut off for two reasons: For anyone who watches hockey or plays hockey, you’ll already know from that small portion of the net in the corner, is a net. The second reason being is because I purposely wanted the roof to be in it. Some photos you need to watch out a blown out sky, or something because you don’t want dead space. This isn’t dead space to me because it’s what I was going for. I wanted the rink to look big, but for the main focal point being the puck to represent the rink. The roof also is very high, and most rinks nowadays are built low to keep more heat in. Lundar rink may freeze your entire body, but it looks nice with the high roof.

One thing I would have done differently is made some adjustments on my camera. The ice is very white, and it stands out too much. Rinks can be difficult to shoot in because they are often dark. There is fluorescent lighting in here, but it made the ice blow-out too much. I could have played around with my ISO on my camera more to adjust the lenses sensitivity to light to decrease the white of the picture.

Regardless, I like this picture, but it also could be improved in various ways. I’m still learning, and that’s what I love about photography. You are constantly learning. Each time you take a picture and get it into your computer to edit, you’ll notice a lot of things you could have done differently.

I edited this photo too. Not much, but I upped the colour scheme slightly to really stand out the red and black of the net, and puck.

Until next week,






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