He aims, he shoots

So like I’ve said before, I’m from Lundar, MB. Lundar is a small rural area. I’ve been blessed to grow up in Lundar, and when most people ask where I’m from, their reaction doesn’t exactly scream, “Lucky you!” They often think there isn’t anything to do just because there isn’t a mall, or movie theatre that cities have. Well let’s just say there’s more to do in a small country town then the city, and I enjoy those things more than anything else.

This post features one activity I get to enjoy being from Lundar, skeet shooting. Skeet shooting is practice for hunting birds. You need a clay target thrower, clay pigeons, and a shot gun. You set the clay pigeons in the target thrower, someone pulls the target and to shoots out a clay pot (pigeon) and you aim to shoot it, like you do with a bird while hunting.

I come from a family who hunts, and so I’ve grown up around hunting and skeet shooting. I get to skeet shoot often because my back yard is a prairie, and that’s the safest place you can do it (as long as no houses, people, or any objects are in the distance in front of you.)

I recently took these pictures in October, 2015 and I enjoyed taking pictures of skeet shooting just as much as I love doing it.

Here are three photos that I’ve chose to share with you.

These are some of the very first pictures I ever took with my DSLR camera. I was practicing while they were practicing, ironic eh?

This picture is framed so all the objects are in the picture. The people, guns, target thrower, prairie, clay pigeon (cut off a little though), and the nice blue sky that made for a great fall day. I edited the colour slightly to give it an older look.


As you can tell by his smile, my brother loves skeet shooting. The colour is blown out quite a bit as I was learning new settings for shooting outside, but I wanted to capture his expression regardless.


Probably one of my favourite pictures. I love how I have some of the grass in focus as the guns are set against the gun table. I framed it like this because physiologically, people can fill in the rest of the picture without the photographer having too. You see the triggers, and you know its a gun. The picture tells more of a story to me rather than a picture of a gun by itself. These guns are in focus, while some prairie grass is too, and it shows how elegant this looks, even though they’re guns. Do you feel me?


Until next week,



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