Photos and phones


Happy Friday peeps! I’m sure many of us first-year CreCommers are happy about it being Friday to have a drink after a long week. Almost time for a week off, so let’s hang in there a little longer.

This week I’m sharing my photo above because even though I took it on my iPhone 5C, it turned out alright, and I tend to get many compliments on it.

There’s a funny (kinda) story about this picture. This past summer I was driving down one of the roads in Lundar, and our super tiny airport (literally a shack) had the plane located outside, which isn’t too often. So anyways, as I was driving and noticed the beauty sunset and plane, I thought it’d make for a neat picture. I stopped on the road, and went over and started taking some pictures from different angles. So as I get back in my car, a van comes speeding at my car, and an older lady hops out and starts yelling at me. She thought I was planning on stealing the plane itself, or perhaps objects in the plane. I explained I was just taking pictures, and she barely believed it until I showed her. So this was the first time I’ve ever been given any trouble while taking pictures. Thought it was worth a share.

This picture goes to show you can capture some beautiful pictures just on your phone. You don’t need a fancy camera, but obviously it makes your pictures have great quality, which this one doesn’t. I have fallen in love with my DSLR T5i camera, so I highly suggest it for some good quality.

I edited this picture via Instagram ha ha. Even editing pictures doesn’t need Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom to get some colours to pop.

So all you emerging photographers out there (like me), play with your iPhones for some neat pictures, or carry your camera everywhere you go to capture some beauty moments like this one. And I hope no one gives you heck.

Have a good weekend!







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